Audio Messages by Charlie Fizer

Recorded at the Hiawatha Bible Chapel in Wabasha Mn.



Grace vs Legalism

Men's Teaching on Teaching

Spiritual Warfare

Romans 12

God's Provision for the Christian

The Book of Danial

A Study of First John

Brethren Movement

history on the plymoth brethren

The Heart

The Conscience 



Romans 8

Mini Conference on Spiritual Gifts


Seminar on the Study of New Testament Spiritual Gifts

Hiawatha Bible Chapel

March 4, 2017

9:00AM - 12:00PM

I. Session One -

. What is the Meaning of Spiritual Gifts?

. Are spiritual gifts and natural talents the same?

. Do natural talents become spiritual gifts at


. Does every believer have a spiritual gift(s)?

. What are the spiritual gifts in the New Testament?

II. Session Two -

. List of and the Meanings of the Nineteen spiritual

gifts of the New Testament.

. List of Foundational Gifts.

III. Session Three -

. Practical Workshop (Start to discerning individual

spiritual gifts.)

. Knowing your spiritual gift questionnaire.

. Service in the Body of Christ questionnaire.

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