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This assembly accepts the Bible as its divinely inspired authority in all matters. If you go to the link to the left, Statement Of Doctrine to see our complete Doctrinal Statement for our Major and Other Important Doctrines.

These training videos are for things done at the Hiawatha Bible Chapel. They are not for those who don't attend so I have them passworded. If you need to watch them please get in touch with Irv Risch for the password. They will cover things like Using the Chapel's Calendar, Using the Website, Running the sound system, etc.

If you feel down and need an up-lift, try this. Click on the link to the left "It is Well with my Soul." set to full screen and turn up the volume and let these guy lift you up.

Sound Teaching on Electronic Media

"Have an outline of sound words, which [words] thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which [are] in Christ Jesus." (2 Tim. 1:13)

If you have question about God, Jesus, the Church, then go to this link for answers.


Uplook provides resources that inform, encourage and equip the church.

Resources UplookTV

The Bible Treasury


Harry A. Ironside

From 1856 - 1920 The Bible Treasury was published. This Link is to the list of all 33 issues. These issues do not contain all the articles but for the most part they contain the bulk of them.

Audio Sermons by Harry A. Ironside.

Wheatland bible college


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Free Christian Audio Books

The Inner Chamber and the Inner Life

by Andrew Murry




One Year Chronological Bible Weekly Readings

Audio visual books on youtube by irv risch. writings by Chm.

Some good jpegs on many topics:

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Here is a book of devotions that will bring joy and strength. Its chapters provide vital keys to living and enjoying the Christian life. It covers important disciplines such as prayer, study, meditation and feeding on the Scriptures as a means of maintaining intimacy with God - without which our spiritual lives can all too easily become impoverished. Andrew Murray shows in this book a number of steps by which we can be wonderfully renewed in our inner life day by day. (Summary by Christopher Smith) Link to PDF:  Link to Audio:

The weekly readings consist of the current days reading as well several days before and after.

The one year chronological reading plan contains the entire text of the bible arranged in the order the events actually occurred. This unique viewpoint allows you to read the whole Bible as a single story and to see the unfolding of God’s plan in history. Please note that the one year chronological reading plan is based upon The One Year® Chronological Bible NLT published by Tyndale House Publishers and may not necessarily match other bible translations or other publishers one year reading plans, for example, there are reading plan variations between the NLT & NIV translationsSee this page for details.


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